Friday, January 9, 2009

Walk, rest, eat but not too much

Lose 15 lbs Fast-No Hunger Ever, A Gorgeous New You; Instant Pain Cures; Stop Cancer; A Flat Belly in 10 minutes; snacks that boost Metabolism, Best ways to melt stress; Complete plan for Lasting Weight Loss and 159 new fat-burning secrets. A headline page for Health Magazine promising the world of health in just 123 pages of pictures and blurbs. I like the push. We take it in with gusto although some people literally hate the whole thing.

I wish the hints beneath the cover were new information, interesting, easy to do changes worthy of passing on to clients. But ya know, its all a haze. Nothing so simple, no plans so easy, some intersting info, but not for me. Save your cash and take some really simple advise. Walk, rest, meditate, eat well but not too much and smile. Be well.

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