Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ask the Nutritionist

Q: I finally reached my weight goal. Do I have to stick to the same eating and exercise plan to stay slim?

A: The good news is you are ready for the maintenance phase. Relax your food regimen a bit and allow yourself 100 calories more a day than you ate when losing. For example, if your intake was 1500 calories increase it to 1600 calories. Try it for a week and if your weight stays the same stick to that number. If you continue to lose increase it to 1700 calories. Keep exercising. Exercise slows aging, reduces stress and tones muscles as well as keeping you slim. During the maintenance stage weigh often and adjust your diet and exercise according to your weight. If you are up, cut down on calories and increase exercise. If you are down, eat a little more and take a break.

Q: After my morning workout, my legs feel tired and sore all day. Do you have any advice?

A: The cure for tired legs starts with breakfast. If you jump out of bed without eating or drinking anything, you are setting yourself up for achiness and exhaustion all day. The leg muscles have to work extra hard without fuel. The best solution is to drink a glass of water and eat an easy-to-digest, carb-rich snack like a small banana about 20 minutes before you exercise. If you have trouble with that have some fruit and salad at dinner. Both are rich in water and nutrients and refuel your muscles.

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