Saturday, February 6, 2010

Combat Obesity-Mrs Obama is listening

To combat obesity we should try many things beginning with this list:
*Tax soda (see Kelley Brownell's work),
*Revamp the farm bill so we don't subsidize corn (Read Michael Pollen),
*Change nutrition regulations for school breakfast and lunch (See 2009 Institute for Medicine report),
*Start a public health campaign encouraging children to walk to school (See iwalk international)
*Promote "victory" gardens on front lawns (Glad to see Mrs Obama planted her own)
*Have more health insurance polices pay for expert run weight control programs (Currently Medicare and private insurance pay for diabetes care but not preventative weight control programs)
*Fund Physical education programs in public schools.
*Promote a public health campaign -anti junk food like anti smoking (Read David Kessler- he has the experience to do this)