Saturday, January 10, 2009

The annuls of gullibility

"It's a scam. There is nothing to this. Look." He insisted. All he hears in response are words of confused assurances and a stubborn reliance on instinct (for better or for worse.)
"It is fine," she replies. "I have his passport and his word."
They never earned a dime from this investment. In fact they lost and continue to lose money every month because she borrowed off the credit cards to support a dream. It was a very expensive lottery ticket and a stupid waste of money, but she still believes it might pay off.
He participated in this thing not by because of something he did but because he was not convincing enough to stop the outflow. He had a great insight the other day though and this is what he needed to share.
He said, "It is not my fault you are frivolous with our money and comfortable with risky investments and debt. You came to me this way and I knew from the start that an unconventional fearless, and sometimes to my dismay, reckless road awaited me. I have no control and so am not responsible for our financial woes. I am responsible though for how I proceed, behave and acquiesce."

She listened to this man as he spoke his truth and tried to understand. Many live with people who let them down. And to survive they take responsibility and sometimes blame. Is that culpability or are we just gullible in love?

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