Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dip it, tap it, apply it

"Your skin looks so good. What does she use?. Ask her what she uses Maria," my mother spoke loudly at a crowded restaurant table on Wednesday night in Healdsburg. The set menu was delicious, a spinach salad with shaved almonds and a light creamy garlic dressing and a pasta Bolognese. We were having a wonderful time. I looked at her silently and while smiling , I shook my head slightly. I have told her so many times what I use on my skin. As I repeated them, she said," With a little spinach you could make a salad out of those ingredients."

Though not truly edible I rely on nutrients to nurture my skin. I love jojoba oil and vitamin E oil mixed together and liberally applied. I wash my skin in warm water and epsom salts which are high in magnesium and I like retinol or vitamin A cream for the deeper wrinkles. Vitamin C creams may work well on dark spots but that remains a goal. Fish oils taken daily also keep the skin smooth and supple. I notice it in many of my clients who have followed my lead.
Eating a daily salad sprinkled with nuts for good measure never hurt anyone's complexion and probably does more than we think.And finally a little mineral based makeup hides many skin flaws. So dip a brush in a light powder, tap it and brush it on.

My mother turns from me, but before dipping into her pasta she taps her glass and applying what she learned she announced to the group, "Eat your salad and take your fish oils. They are good for your skin."

I shake my head and smile. My mom never misses an opportunity no matter what.

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