Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Loud, long, fast

Someone broke a string on the violin bow. I asked Drew, my 12 year old, "Did you break the string on the violin. He replied in true deniable fashion, "It wasn't me. Drake saw me holding it, but it was him. He played it as loud as he could, as long as he could and as fast as he could and it broke. "

I actually believe Drew. My elder son does do things loud, long and fast. What energy and a true dicotomy-a Gemini by birth and style. I think of long and fast as opposites, but they certainly are not. Think of a fast marathon runner or a long, stressfilled fast car ride. One is slow but fast and one is long but seems to "last forever. " Time molds for people. Perception molds our health and wellness. How we see things changes our minds and we are in control of how we perceive. It takes work, as do all worthy things.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. My first day of meditation class at Parkpoint. I must go and of course I resist. Not tomorrow though. I insist.

I am quiet, long and moderate in my dealings. My job, now that I recoginize it, is to make the best of it. It is simply that simple. Be well.

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