Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eating with Dr. Daphne

Daphne Miller, MD recently completed her book called the Jungle Effect where she focuses on the benefits of diets to prevent disease. She visited counties around the world and investigated the relationship of diet to reducing chronic disease. She discovered several interesting things. In fact she feels not just foods lower disease risks but the way in which they are eaten and enjoyed. The social, calming and centering aspects of family meals seems to influence health. As do using meats as a condiment rather than a hunk on the middle of the plate and eating locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains and other whole foods. She also learned that integrating these changes into our own lives is possible since her recipes are delicious but easy too. People only have about 14 recipes they use over and over. I like several of her health nuggets including, diet trumps genes and follow your taste buds. Apparently diet dogmas hold little weight with this doctor who treats her patients first with foods and then with medicines.

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