Sunday, February 8, 2009

Modifying behavior and changing habits

What is the best way to change behavior and how long does it take? Does it take 21 days or 3 months? The amount of time it takes varies but the stages are well documented. The desire for change crosses your mind, then you make up your mind to do it. You act and then keep acting. Many people make up their minds to lose weight, eat better or increase exercise. But, so many gain it back, revert to old ways and stop going to the gym.

Why do so many lose motivation and revert to old ways?
We know that the longer you do something, and the more often you do it then the sooner it becomes a habit. In fact any setback makes it easier to have another setback. So staying on track is a daily event. That is why I encourage people to find a group with whom they can talk, walk and encourage one another.

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