Monday, February 23, 2009

Boosting serotonin through diet

Today I started a young client on a Serotonin boosting diet in order to help her lose weight, feel better and avoid binging on carbohydrates. The diet was developed by Judith Wurtman, PhD who studied this phenomenom at MIT in the 1980s. Wurtman works with Nina Frusztajer Marquis, MD and they run a clinic called Adara.
The diet is simple and low in overall calories. The morning meal contains protein, carbohydrates and fruit. The snack is high in carbohyrates eaten one hour before lunch. Lunch contains protein, and vegetables and the next snack eaten 3-4 hours after lunch should be high in carbohydrates. Dinner consists of carbohrates and vegetables and an evening snack is made up of carbohydrates.

So far my client has struggled a bit as she sorted through the options for snacks. She also reported being very hungry. Her dinner was bigger than usual because she prepared a heaping plate of pasta with veggies and a salad and then she was satisfied

We will follow this over time and see if it helps. The first phase as described above is a two week deal.

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