Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it true? Alcohol is not good us anymore.

According to a new study being published March 4 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute even one drink a day, a single beer, glass of wine or any other type of alcoholic drink increases the risk of a variety of cancers.
The study involving nearly 1.3 million middle-aged British women -- the largest study ever to examine alcohol and cancer in women -- found that unlike other studies that suggest alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease or dementia, one drink can do harm. Naomi E. Allen of the University of Oxford led the study and said, "If you are regularly drinking even one drink per day, that's increasing your risk for cancer."
Some counter that there were some flaws in the study, one being that it did not distinguish between heavy drinkers and light drinkers, but others claim the study was well done. At this point it will be incorporated into the body of research and as the federal guidelines are being revised this study will be markedly considered.

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