Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hunger in America?

Will hunger be the next big issue in America? Malnourished obese parents raising malnourished anemic children, hungry for nutrients and eating plastic foods high in saturated fats. Palm kernal oil and coconut butter filling foods, high fructose corn syrup filling grocery shelves and making us sick when we eat them. We won't be skinny hungry people, but really fat hungry people. Diabetics eating sugar and peeing sugar that can't nourish cells. Sugars stuck behind a wall of fat blocking nouishment. Hunger persists though fat overwhelmingly impeeds the process. But hunger could also look different. We could have bread lines and food scarcities and protein malnutrition. We see this elsewhere in the world without looking very hard. Micheal Pollan and others want to change the farm bill to support small farmers and locally grown foods. Our artificially cheap food impacts our health, land, and animals. Let's consider an agricultural policy that highlights public-health and environmental values. A bill that in Michael Pollen's words has "incentives to produce food cleanly, sustainably and humanely." We the people must feed our people better than we have. With Obama in the Whitehouse, we can get working on it.

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  1. Hi Nora! Great blog, thanks. Have you seen the movie "King Corn" ( and available on Netflix)? Great way to learn how our agricultural policy in this country has gone way off track. I believe it is the agricultural policy that is driving the obesity epidemic in this country. Michelle and I try to buy as much locally grown food as possible and stay away from as much processed foods as possible. Sure tastes better!