Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Goals of Volumetric Eating

The Goal of Volumetrics
When you are trying to cut down on calories but fear hunger pangs eat this way to stay full but eat well and low calorie.
Focus on fiber-rich foods with a high moisture content. These foods include fruits (mostly fresh), vegetables (mostly those with high water content; e.g. tomatoes, broccoli, greens) whole grain pasta, rice, breads and cereals; soups, salads; low-fat poultry, seafood, meats and dairy.
Limit the amount of dry foods (crackers, popcorn, pretzels, etc.) due to their high caloric value and low satiety index.

The Four Energy Density Categories of Commonly eaten foods:
Category 1- Very Low Energy Density non starchy fruits/vegetables, nonfat milk, broth type soups
Category 2-Low Energy Density Starchy fruits/vegetables, grains, chili, spaghetti
Category 3-Medium Energy Density Meats, cheese, pizza, salad dressings, pretzels, ice cream
Category 4-High Energy Density Crackers, chips, chocolate, cookies, candy, butter and oils.

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