Sunday, January 10, 2010

January is a great time to lose weight.

I started my interval training and I found my food journal(of course now I have to write in it.) I am going to lose those pesky extra pounds I gained over the holidays. Time is everything and now is the time. Monday morning and I begin.

Most Americans gain four to five pounds over the holidays. Some of my clients have reported gaining as much as ten pounds. The time has come to drop them. If there is a collective unconscious January energy encourages weight loss. We are not alone. We can lose what we have gained using the tools that are available. Take it one step at a time but take the steps and by March maybe it will be ten pounds.

The Step by Step Weight Control Plan

Take weight control one step at a time

Eat 3 meals and a snack daily. Or eat 6 small meals daily.

Eat breakfast every morning.

Eat lean protein at every meal. Protein metabolizes slowly so you won’t get as hungry.

Eat vegetables or fruit at every meal. Fill ½ your dinner plate with vegetables.

Drink enough fluid. Choose water, sparkling water, and unsweetened iced green, black or herb teas. Add lemon, lime or a bit of berry juice for flavor. Enjoy a cup or two of coffee or tea with low-fat milk. Avoid sweet drinks of all kinds, including juice and sports drinks.

Avoid processed foods made with white grains and white sugar. For a sweet tooth have a piece of dark chocolate and a few nuts. Choose chocolate with 70% or more cocoa butter.

Benefit from red wine or other alcohol by drinking it with meals. Daily recommendation: One 5 oz glass for women and two 5 oz glasses for men.

Take your supplements everyday.

Journal. Keep food records and lose weight.

Exercise 5-6 days a week. Start slow…

Join a weight loss group or start one with friends.

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